james bond

Cars of James Bond Spectre: Before and After Filming [8 Pics]

Dec 29 2015

See the 'before' and 'after' of vehicles used during filming of the latest James Bond series. Those poor Land Rovers...

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Daniel Craig in Casino Royale

Behind the Scenes of James Bond in HD Photos [17 Pics]

Jan 10 2013

A great collection of 007 photos taken from behind the scenes.

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Unlock the 007 in You [Video]

Oct 23 2012

We can't wait for the new Bond movie to come out, and neither can these people that are given a James Bond challenge in order to win the tickets to the premiere.

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U 010 Submarine Yacht

Underwater Yacht - The U-010

Aug 22 2011

So you may be wondering about now what is the difference between a submarine and a "underwater yacht", well for one you aren't stuffed into small hull with 20 other sailors. This luxurious yacht has an interior even an evil villain from James Bond would die for.

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Biggest Satellite

Cold War Spy Weapon & Largest Satellite

Jun 20 2011

This is the largest radio telescope to be constructed on the face of the planet. It was built in 1960's and has many different roles that it served, and serves to this day. It served as a military spy weapon during the Cold War and it disproved many theories and discovered many new things in space such as the first asteroid captured on an image. Take a look at this engineering marvel.

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Meteora greece

Interesting Places: Meteora Region, Greece

Jun 7 2011

The Greeks called this region "in the heavens above", due to the formation of the rocks that took shape 60 million years ago. These unique monasteries are constructed on pinnacles of rock that were a result of earthquakes and weathering. Excavations all around this region in the caves also discovered radiocarbon which evidences human presence that dates as far as 50,000 years. A truly unique area.

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