T-72 Tank firing while in a high speed jump

Daily Wallpaper T-72 Mid-Air Shot

Sep 9 2012

T-72 Tank firing while in a high speed jump

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Kharkov Ukraine Tank Depot Overhaul

A Massive Tank Overhaul Depot in Ukraine [24 Pics]

Jun 4 2012

Prior to the collapse of Soviet Union this depot in Kharkov, Ukraine used to overhaul 60 tanks and 55 engines a month. Today it specializes in modernization and total overhaul of the T-64, T-72 and T-80 tanks and their engines. There are more than 450 tanks here.

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Slow Motion T-90 Tank Shot

Jun 26 2011

Filmed at approximately 18,000 frames per second (fps), this is Russian/Soviet main heavy battle tank. A low profile, powerful cannon, and a long barrel make this a ruthless weapon.

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