Helicopters & Skateboarding [Video]

Aug 28 2013

If he dreams it, Bob Burnquist is often willing to try it. When he brings his skateboarding talent, MegaRamp, helicopter, risk-taking personality and heaps of time and creativity together, what results seems like utter madness. It's actually just another chapter of experimentation and innovation in the world of Bob.

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Scary Landslide in Malaysia

May 18 2013

This is definitely a great addition to our collection of natural disasters, and somewhat reminds me of the biggest glacier collapse ever recorded on film. Truly mind-blowing!

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One of the Best Rally Videos Ever

Dec 17 2012

No music, just raw sound. Follow the 1990 WRC winner Ari Vatanen in his Peugeot 405 Turbo as he takes on the Pikes Peak.

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Insane Moscow Climbers

Climbing to the Top of Moscow - Without Any Safety Gear [15 Pics]

Jul 5 2012

More instanity from Russia. Take a look at the photos that these Russians captured while climbing one of the highest points in Moscow.

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133 People Jump off a Bridge in Tver, Russia [Video]

Jul 4 2012

This looks like so much fun. No words necessary – watch the video!

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Crazy Russian Teens

Apr 18 2012

A few Russian teenagers have climbed several hundred feet to the top of a massive radio tower (with no safety equipment). They documented their adventure by taking photos and video when they reached the top. Video included!

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Awesome People are Awesome

Jan 14 2012

Amazing compilation of the best videos from all over the web put together in a neat little package.

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I Bet You've Never Seen This Sort of Rollerblading Before!

Dec 21 2011

Extreme sports at its best: amazing "Rollerman" Jean Yves Blondeau blasting high speed on mountain roads!

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