Climbing to the Top of Moscow - Without Any Safety Gear [15 Pics]

Crazy russian climbers

Jul 5 2012

More instanity from Russia. Take a look at the photos that these Russians captured while climbing one of the highest points in Moscow.

On top of the star

Crazy Russian Climbers on the top of Moscow

Crazy Russian Climbers on the top of Moscow

View down while sitting on the top of the building

View from the top of the building

Moscow Zoo.

The Star that the Brave Climbers were on top

The ropes that were used to climb the star on top of the building.

The ropes that were used to climb the star

The stairs leading up to the star

View of the square below

Parks and buildings are low below

KGB Antennna that points at the USA Embassy Building

A KGB antenna that is pointing towards the USA Embassy.

Another view from the top

View of the Moscow University

KGB interogation room on the service floor of the building

Interrogation room on the 29th floor of the building. The mechanical floor of the building.

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