Amazing diving location Switzerland

Crystal Clear Waters of Verzasca River, Swiss Alps

Apr 26 2012

Located in the heart of Swiss Alps, this 30km-long river is known for its beautiful turquoise waters and an extremely smooth rock bed. It is a very popular scuba diving location.

Fresh water river

Lavertezzo and the Verzasca River. Photo by Markus Studer.

Switzerland Verzasca River

Photo by Diriye Amey.

Turquoise Waters Switzerland

Photo by Daniel Weber.

Amazing diving location Switzerland

Source: timroyale@flickr

Clear amazing water

Source: Mandalay's Blog.

Divers in Switzerland

Source: Mandalay's Blog.

Popular Diving Location

Photo by Andreas Müller.

Stunning clear waters

Photo by Andreas Müller.

Italian speaking area in Switzerland

Source: Mandalay's Blog.

Beautiful river mountains

Source: Kapr Divers.

Underwater photography

Source: 360 Ticino Diving / Photo by Michela Campanari.

Super clear water

Source: Unknown.

Cool diving spot

Source: Kapr Divers.

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