Awesome Graffiti from Around the Globe [26 Pics]

Graffiti entire side of apartments

Jun 20 2012

Over the last few months we've been collecting photos of the most unique, and creative graffiti from around the world. Please let us know if you know any of the locations! Enjoy and share.

Grafiti Whale swimming

Graffiti Lego boy

Graffiti fence

Graffiti House

End of street graffiti

Bandaid graffiti

Awesome recycling graffiti

Grafiti street drains

Cool graffiti of people

Huge wave graffiti

Powerbox graffiti


Cool pipe graffiti

Peace peekaboo graffiti doorway

Graffiti first flight

Very blue graffiti on the wall

Surprised face graffiti

Cool creative graffiti of a bird

Big ship graffiti

Big wall graffiti

Cool graffiti walls

Number four graffiti

Death and lion graffiti Italy

Alligator Graffiti

Fish Graffiti on wall

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Tags: graffiti

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