Crazy Photos Taken by the Google Van [22 Pics]

Selling Illegal Weapons Google Maps

Jun 23 2012

It's pretty cool when you spot yourself on Google Maps Street View... but it's even cooler when you find completely random and bizarre captures. Check out Jon Rafman's website for hundreds more.

Criminal running away Google Maps

Tiger walking by on Google Maps

Musician on the corner playing Google Maps

Weird guy in the woods Google Maps

Random People on the street Google Maps

Hell end Google Maps

Dead body Streetview Google Maps

Weird building Google Maps

Armoured Personnel Carrier Google Maps

Crazy Buildings Google Maps

Roman Soldier Weird Google Maps

Kids pointing guns Google Maps

Weird Google Maps pic

Manhole people Google Maps

Lost Child crawling on Google Maps

House on Fire Google Maps

Rolled Truck

Illegals hiding Google Maps

Butterfly Google Maps

Accident Google Maps

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