Google Data Center Servers

A Unique Look at Google's Data Centers [19 Pics]

Oct 17 2012

Google finally offers a unique look at the previously highly secretive data centers that are currently scattered across USA, Finland and Belgium.

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Google's New Offices

Google's New Office in London [18 Pics]

Aug 14 2012

What a colourful and quirky place to work at. PENSON group was given the task of creating a vibrant workspace, that would make people want to come into work and be more productive. It's pretty cool to see some traditional British styling mixed into the design of this office.

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Lucky Captures of the Google Street View Van

Crazy Photos Taken by the Google Van [22 Pics]

Jun 23 2012

It's pretty cool when you spot yourself on Google Maps Street View... but it's even cooler when you find completely random and bizarre captures. Check out Jon Rafman's website for hundreds more.

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Daily Wallpaper Old School Google

Apr 6 2012

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