Google's New Office in London [18 Pics]

Google Office british flags

Aug 14 2012

What a colourful and quirky place to work at. PENSON group was given the task of creating a vibrant workspace, that would make people want to come into work and be more productive. It's pretty cool to see some traditional British styling mixed into the design of this office.

The round room at the google office

The office was developed on 160,000 square feet and occupies half of Central Saint Giles development near Tottenham Court Road.

Google office outdoor area on the roof

Google office meeting room

Another padded room for meetings

Marketplace inside of Google's Office

Authentic dark green padded room like a pub

Boardroom inside of Google Office

Google office outdoor area on the roof

Presentation area in Google's Offices

A personal office space

Library in Google's Office

Traditional blue padding on walls in Google Office

Old fighter pilot ejection seat

Cool meeting room in Google office

Google office outdoor area on the roof

Grandmas room style in Google office

Google's Building in London from Outside

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