ORSOS Mobile Islands Concept [17 Pics]

ORSOS island floating in blue sea

Jun 25 2012

The ORSO Islands are just in the conceptual stage, however we still think this is an awesome idea.

The islands are more than 60ft (20m) wide and more than 37 meters in length.

ORSOS Island in the mountain lake

Beautiful ORSOS Island Concept Deck

Side view of the ORSOS Island

Rear view of the ORSOS Island

Docked in a blue lagoon ORSOS island

Top view of the ORSOS Island

Interior main room of ORSOS island

Bedroom ORSOS Island

Bar inside of the ORSOS Island

Cool Living room on the mobile island

ORSOS island interior

ORSOS island interior

Another view of the Living Room ORSOS island

Roof ORSOS island

Deck area of the ORSOS Island

Dinner room ORSOS Island

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