Tallest Dog Ever Guinness 2013

Guinness World Records of 2013 [16 Pics]

Sep 20 2012

The Guinness World Record book never seizes to amaze. This year was no different, some of these are just mind-boggling. Enjoy.

Oldest Gymnast Guinness 2013

Joanna Kaas (86 years old) is the worlds oldest gymnast. She was born on November 20, 1925 in Germany. Joanna is an active participator of the amateur gymnastics competitions that take place in Saxony. [Photo: Guinness World Records / PA]

Largest Drum Setup Guinness 2013

The largest drum set consists of 340 items and needs a specially designed van to carry all the gear. Dr. Mark Temperato from New York is also part of a group called “Jesus the Soul Solution”. [Photo: Guinness World Records / PA]

Biggest Bicepts Guinness 2013

Mustafa Ismail of Egypt has the worlds largest biceps. While flexing his left hand measured in at 64.77cm (25.5"), and his right hand at 63.5cm (25"). Mustafa currently lives in Massachusetts, USA. [Photo: Guinness World Records / PA]

Largest Donkey Guinness 2013

The tallest donkey in the world, Oklahoma Sam, was only 4 years old and his height was measured in at 155.45cm (5.10ft). [Photo: Guinness World Records / PA]

Best juggler Ever Guinness 2013

The most balls a juggler has ever had up in the air simultaneously – 11. Alex Barron from UK is the current world record holder. [Photo: Guinness World Records / PA]

Heaviest Athlete Ever Guinness 2013

The heaviest athlete is Sharran Alexander of London. She is a sumo wrestler and her weight is 203.21kg (448lb). [Photo: Guinness World Records / PA]

Tallest Dog Ever Guinness 2013

The tallest dog, is a German mastiff by the name of Zeus with a massive height of 1.118m (3.66ft). He lives with his family in Michigan, USA. [Photo: Guinness World Records / PA]

Biggest Faux Hawk Guinness 2013

Katsuhiro Watanabe of Japan has the worlds tallest fauxhawk, it measured in at 113.5cm (3.72ft). [Photo: Guinness World Records / PA]

Heaviest Bike Guinness 2013

The heaviest bicycle ever, weighs 750kg (1,653lb) and is owned by Water-van den Bosch of the Netherlands. [Photo: Guinness World Records / PA]

Largest Collection of Barbie Dolls Guinness 2013

Bettina Dorfman from Germany has the largest collection of Barbie dolls in the world (6,025 at the moment). She began collecting them in 1993. [Photo: Guinness World Records / PA]

Largest Horse Guinness 2013

Big Jake is the largest horse in the world. He is from Belgium and his height measured in at 210.2 cm (6.89ft). [Photo: Guinness World Records / PA]

Largest Collection of Hello Kitty Guinness 2013

Asako Kanda of Japan has the largest “Hello Kitty” collection in the world. Her entire home is overfilling with the stuff! [Photo: Guinness World Records / PA]

Largest capacity truck. Guinness 2013

The largest hauling capacity truck in the world is the Westech T282C Flow Control Body. It can haul 470.4 cubic meters at a coal density of 0.86 tons/m3. [Photo: Guinness World Records / PA]

Smallest Bull Guinness 2013

The smallest bull in the world is Archie. He is 16 months old and lives in Northern Ireland. His height is only 76.2cm (2.5ft) at the withers. [Photo: Guinness World Records / PA]

Youngest Proffesional Drummer Guinness 2013

Julian Pavon from USA is the youngest professional drummer. On March 21, 2010 he was 5 years, 10 months and three days old! [Photo: Guinness World Records / PA]

2013 Guinness World Records

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