Lilypad, a floating ecopolis

Amazing Sustainable Architecture of the Future [9 Pics]

Nov 25 2012

Vincent Callebaut Architecte is responsible for absolutely amazing sustainable architectural creations that are inspired by nature.

Vincent puts in a lot of thought into each project, addressing global problems and suggesting his personal solutions. Be sure to visit his website:

Bionic Arch, Taiwan

Bionic Arch, a sustainable tower in Taiwan.

Coral Reef

Coral Reef, Haiti.

Hydrogenase, an algae farm

Hydrogenase, an algae farm to recycle CO2, Shanghai.

Lilypad, a floating ecopolis

Lilypad, a floating ecopolis.

Ecomic tower

Ecomic tower, Mexico.

Dragonfly, a metabolic farm

Dragonfly, a metabolic farm for urban agriculture, New York City.

Kings Forest, a complex of rest houses

Kings Forest, a complex of rest houses in Morocco.

Solar Drop, an aquatic complex

Solar Drop, an aquatic complex that's implanted on an artificial island in Abu Dhabi.

Physalia, an amphibious garden

Physalia, an amphibious garden cleaning European waterways.

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