Cut & Fold by Erik Johansson

Brilliant Photography Post-Production by Erik Johansson [12 Pics]

Jan 29 2013

Technical and extremely creative photography post-production work by Erik Johansson.

In Erik's own words: "I don’t capture moments, I capture ideas. To me photography is just a way to collect material to realize the ideas in my mind. I get inspired by things around me in my daily life and all kinds of things I see. Although one photo can consist hundreds of layers I always want it to look like it could have been captured."

Cut & Fold by Erik Johansson

Cut & Fold: Cut along the dotted line. See behind the scenes video.

Set them free by Erik Johansson

Set them free. Do the right thing, set them free! Check out some of the work behind this photo in this blog post.

End of line by Erik Johansson

End of line. The very last stop, the end of line.

Electric guitar by Erik Johansson

Electric guitar.

Snow cover by Erik Johansson

Snow cover.

Reverse opposites by Erik Johansson

Reverse opposites.

Helping fall by Erik Johansson

Helping Fall.

Arms brake, vases don't by Erik Johansson

Arms break, vases don't.

Crossroads by Erik Johansson


Roadworker's coffee break by Erik Johansson

Roadworker's coffee break.

Fishy Island by Erik Johansson

Fishy Island.

Go your own road by Erik Johansson

Go your own road.

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