American Presidents & Icons by Jason Heuser [9 Pics]

Bill Clinton Lady Killer Funny

Mar 23 2013

Bill Clinton shooting a Glock 18C, Abe Lincoln riding a bear or Teddy Roosevelt hunting big foot – can't get any more American then this! Be sure to check out more of Jason's work.

Cover art: Bill Clinton, the lady killer.

Abe Lincoln on a Bear

Abe Lincoln Riding a Grizzly.

JFK on the moon

John F. Kennedy, alien hunter classified.

Ronald Reagan riding a velociraptor

Ronald Reagan riding a velociraptor.

Obama on a lion with a light saber

Obama riding a lion.

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert atop an eagle.

George Washington Fighting Zombies

George Washington zombie hunter.

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson vs gorilla.

Teddy Roosevelt Bigfoot

Teddy Roosevelt vs Bigfoot.

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