Mind Blowing Art

Amazing Surreal Paintings by a Polish Artist Jacek Yerka

Nov 29 2011

Jacek Yerka is a famous Polish painter of fantasy worlds and landscapes. Check out some of his very unique work that almost reminds me of that of Salvador Dalí.

I gotta say though, that his painting names are kind of boring – good thing they all look so amazing. We will most likely highlight more of his work in the future, as each one of his paintings is very unique (and there are A LOT of them). Which one is your favourite?

1. The city is landing

2. Summer in a city


4. The stone and brick

5. The harbour

6. Creating the water

Mind Blowing Art

7. The spring labirynth

8. Brontosaurus civitas

9. Autumn

10. The Sargass sea bishop

11. The sonet

12. House at the waterfall

13. Amok Harvest

14. The walking lesson

15. The space barn

16. House at source

17. Homestead

18. The road

19. The winter wave

Surreal Painting

20. Painter`s Kitchen

21. Wegener`s theory

22. S.A.D.

23. Four seasons

24. The summer

25. Low cost airlines

26. Carnival fights fasten

27. Tectonic

28. Aquarium

29. The Epitaphy

30. The mystery garden

31. Little House on the Prairie

32. Polish bonsai

33. Tide

34. Chess on island

35. Dragon`s pleasure

36. Erosion

37. Hesia 2

Make sure to visit Jacek's website, or just wait until next time we post more of his work.

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