sniper mask in russia

Intensive Training of Russia's Elite Snipers

Dec 16 2011

Only the most elite of soldiers are drafted for the elaborate task of being snipers. Many of these men are extremely skilled at what they do. These photos are proof of the meticulous preparations before one can follow the extremely secret and intensive duties of being snipers.

russian sniper school

Early morning training operations are commencing.

snipers getting ready

svd-1 dragunov rifle

The Druganov SVD-1, is the primary sniper rifle for Russian snipers. It is very rugged, and built on the battle proven AK-47 platform.

row call for snipers

planning excersise for snipers

Snipers are required to be able to build their own ghillie camouflage suits from scratch. Using uniforms and all sorts of different types of materials.

soviet snipers

a russian sniper

a cool sniper

amazing russian ghillie suits

The main purpose of the ghillie suit is to brake up the shape/silhouette of a human body. When this is achieved, the sniper is able to blend in extremely well with their surroundings.

sniper mask in russia

white camo

The most important thing for a sniper to hide is their face and any other exposed skin. This can be done with masks, gloves and special skin camouflage.

snipers chatting

ready for shooting practice snipers

a sniper makes his fox hole

Camouflaging weapons is just as important. This breaks up the shape of the rifle - the most distinctive feature of a sniper.

comrades in ghillie suits

Snipers are trained to make their "laying" holes, where they can spend several days waiting for their target.

fellow snipers help dig in

sweet ski mask sniper

dug in waiting for target

top marksmen in russia

white ghillie sniper

snipers camouflaged in grass

A well camouflaged sniper is an extremely hard target to spot. In this photo a sniper is hiding in the small bush.

well hidden sniper

fast paced combat, compromised

range measurement tools

Useful tools for snipers. These can be used for calculating range and trajectories.

spetsnaz shooting

new version of svd-1

laying on wet ground snipers

done the routine time to check targets

senior sniper

amazing accuracy

Well placed shots by a veteran sniper.

noob sniper hes new

A new sniper is spread all over the target but in time he will also be a great shot.

more sniper practice

Shooting at the same time is extremely important for a sniper to keep their cover. If there are multiple targets this is very efficient.

tracking behind enemy lines

spetsnaz snipers

simaltaneous firing practice

looking down the scope in svd-1

winter ops

target practice in cold weather

sniper sighting in his enemy

end of the day russian snipers

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