Joseph Stalins Favourite Country Home

Joseph Stalin's Favorite Country House

Aug 29 2011

This is one of five country houses in Abkhazia that Stalin visited approximately 5-6 times a year. Built into it were secret passageways to the sea, railway stations, and a direct communication line to his government staff (which consisted of 800 people). A very beautiful dacha!

The home itself was very spacious, and even has a guest home on the other side of it.

This home had three bedrooms, even though Stalin usually stayed here alone. "Why did he have three bedrooms then?" one may wonder. Stalin slept in different rooms at different times, and the other rooms were setup with mannequins as decoys.

Things like these were done for secrecy and security: to protect the ultimate leader of the Soviet Union from assassination attempts.

The inside of the house was furnished with beautiful furniture and rare woods (ash, beech, walnut, karelian birch, chestnut, etc.).

The windows were not simple glass, but crystal. Very tasteful and beautiful all around!

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