Lockheed Lounge Chair

Most Expensive Lounge Chair in the World

Jul 5 2011

Described by the artist (Marc Newson) as a "Giant blog of Mercury", this airplane-style piece of interior art is considered the most expensive in the world. It is called the Lockheed Lounge 1986.

This is like the Mona Lisa of chairs, it is very well known publicly and is worth millions.

After it sold on the open market for just over $2.4 US Million dollars, it became known as one of the most expensive interior designs.

Lockheed Lounge Chair

Marc Newson, the artist, has spent "a couple of miserable months" hammering out the form in aluminum. The chair was completed in his Sydney studio in 1986.

It was also used in the 1993 Madonna Video called "Rain".

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