Just a Dog Swimming With the Dolphins [Video]

Aug 7 2012

The reason why dogs are awesome. This kind of nature bonding is just so cool to see! The dolphins embrace it as one of their own and just hang out together.

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Stunning Dolphin Photo

Breathtaking Dance of the Dolphins by Greg Huglin [11 Pics]

May 14 2012

Filming dolphins as they ride the stunning waves of Santa Barbara, California has been Greg's personal quest for the last 15 years. He has captured thousands of photos of these magestical creatures enjoying the warm waters of Cali. Make sure to check out Greg Huglin's Website for high quality prints that you can purchase.

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The World We Live in is a Beautiful Place!

Mar 21 2011

Top 15 photos of 2009 as captured by the photographers of National Geographic magazine.

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