road system

Why Poorly Designed Roads Suck [Video]

Nov 28 2012

This video shows just how confusing it can be to navigate the many poorly designed roadways all over the world.

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Bolivia Road of Death

Road of Death - Yungas, Bolivia

Aug 24 2011

With a terrifying estimate of 200-300 deaths every year, this road in Bolivia is said to be the most dangerous in the world. This 61 kilometer (38 mile) stretch of road is one of only two roads that connects the towns of La Paz and Coroico. There are many crosses along the road, marking the spots where vehicles have fallen.

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Fukushima Osaka Japan

A High Traffic Building - Gate Tower, Japan

Jun 8 2011

This is a 16-story building in the heart of Osaka, Japan - but this isn't your average business tower, this one has a high traffic highway passing right through it. Many in Japan refer to it as the "beehive" due to its appearance and how busy it usually looks.

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