Timelapse of Vancouver's Beauty [Video]

Oct 11 2012

To those who have never traveled to Vancouver, BC, Canada, we highly suggest that you check it out. The vibe of the ocean and the mountains, mixed with beautiful architecture tops our list of favorite cities around the world. Be sure to watch in HD!

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Charity Donation Prank: SO Funny! [Video]

Sep 25 2012

Check out the husband's faces every time the prank is played. It is priceless!!

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Canada camping beautiful lake wallpaper

Daily Wallpaper Beautiful Canadian Lakes

Jul 17 2012

Canada camping beautiful lake wallpaper

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Toronto Canada Skyline High Quality Wallpaper

Daily Wallpaper Toronto Skyline

Jul 4 2012

Toronto Canada Skyline High Quality Wallpaper

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A World in Photos Preview Image By Singer Photo

Around the World in Photos Pt.4 [16 Pics]

Jun 27 2012

Another fantastic roundup of everything that is our planet. This one is super colourful! Like and share with your friends if you want to see more of these posts.

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Luxury Mansion of Celine Dion for Sale

Celine Dion's Private Island Mansion [13 Pics]

May 30 2012

International singing star Celine Dion and her husband Rene Angelil have decided to put up their Montreal-area home for sale at a whopping $29.7 million. Making this particular property the most expensive in the entire province of Quebec.

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Walking On the Edge – One Of the Tallest Towers In the World

May 18 2012

Check out a video tour from from the edge of one of the tallest structures in the world, the Canadian National Tower.

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Beautiful Photos from National Geographic

21 Stuning Photos from National Geographic Magazine

May 15 2012

Take a look at these stunning photos taken by many various photographers. Our planet is a truly special place, from any aspect that you look at it.

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Best Freestyle Street Skiing EVER!

Dec 2 2011

Probably one of the coolest skiing segements ever. Jp Auclair Street Segement. Definately buy the movie, its worth the money. All. I. Can. - by Sherpas Cinema

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Daily Wallpaper Vancouver Tsunami [Exclusive]

Oct 20 2011

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Miniature Vancouver

Oct 14 2011

A very interesting project from Tony Leech. Tony used special tilt-shift lenses to achieve this "miniature/diorama" effect. View a few more videos from Tony at the bottom of the post.

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Sydney City

Most Beautiful Cities in the World (Part 1)

Sep 17 2011

In this series I will be highlighting some of the most beautiful cities in the world. This can serve as an inspiration for our reads to go out and explore this beautiful planet.

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Stunning Turnip Rock, Lake Huron

Sep 6 2011

Eroded by water over the course of thousands of years, this free standing rock is located in Lake Huron - Port Austin, Michigan to be exact. This is a very popular outdoor attraction due to its beauty and crystal clear waters.

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Condom France Funny

18 Most Epic City Names in the World

Aug 20 2011

Who ever made these city names deserves a medal or something, these are epic. Check out some of these funny city names from all around the world.

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Abandoned BMW Dealership

Abandoned BMW Dealer: Frozen in Time

Aug 15 2011

This BMW dealer is literally a time capsule. Left untouched since the 1980's, there are many 'new' models from that time. Strange that something like this would just get left behind and untouched for so long. The rumor has it, the dealer owner lost selling rights.

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