VW Cheap car

Volkswagen's Single Seater 1 Liter Car, Made Using Space Technology

Nov 23 2011

Fuel consumption of 0.99 Liters for a 100 kilometers and a 6.5 liter fuel tank that lasts approximately 650 kilometers without refueling? Where do I sign up for one of these?! The new[ish] VW 1 Liter, has been a concept for several years but now, finally, a reality.

The car has been a concept for a while due to the need for lighter and stronger materials.

The car is powered by a 1L single cylinder diesel engine, which delivers 8.5bhp @ 4,000rpm. Doesn't seem like much, but when stuffed into a 250kg car, this makes this a very quick little car.

To save weight, it is of course not painted. The carbonfibre reinforced outer skin is tensioned over a space-frame that is not made of aluminum, but rather magnesium, which is even lighter.

The shape of the body has been engineered inside of a wind tunnel, which these days is pretty rare. Its shape is a direct result of perfecting aerodynamics.

VW 1L Car

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