Stockholm subway Stations

Stunning Stockholm Subway Stations [18 Pics]

Jan 30 2013

Stockholm's subway stations are out of this world! Each one incorporates an entirely unique style.

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Intense Urban Downhill Mountain Biking in Brazil [Video]

Jan 28 2013

Urban downhill mountain biking at its finest – 4:30 of pure adrenaline rush! If anyone has more info on this particular race, or has access to HD version, please let us know below.

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Apocalypse shelter interior

Fallout Shelters for Everyone!

Jan 27 2013

In case you don't have $1.5M to spend on the perfect house to survive the apocalypse in, Atlas Survival Shelters offers a reasonably priced alternative!

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High five to drifters

The Best Animated GIF Images Pt. 13 [10 Pics]

Jan 17 2013

Another round-up of animated GIF images.

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Kyle Baldock Edit 2012 [Video]

Jan 5 2013

This has got to be the craziest riding we've ever seen! It feels like watching Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX. Who gave him the cheat codes!?

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The 10 Dimensions [Video]

Dec 27 2012

A great scientific video that explains dimensions. Prepare to get your mind blown.

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A Year in Review: 2012 [Video]

Dec 19 2012

A lot has happened this year (good and bad), this video sums up everything pretty well.

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One of the Best Rally Videos Ever

Dec 17 2012

No music, just raw sound. Follow the 1990 WRC winner Ari Vatanen in his Peugeot 405 Turbo as he takes on the Pikes Peak.

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Ultra Complex Rube Goldberg Machine [Video]

Dec 11 2012

If you want to learn what a Rude Goldberg machine is, you can educate yourself here. Or just watch the video and see what it is!

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Extreme Kayaking [Video]

Dec 11 2012

If you have ever kayaked in your life (even normally), you know how challenging and dangerous it can be. Now watch this and be blown away by the amount of risk-taking these guys take.

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Dog Driving School in New Zealand [Video]

Dec 6 2012

Watch how these dogs get trained to drive motor vehicles, super impressive!

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Empty city in Angola, Kimbala

Chinese-Built Ghost Town in Angola [10 Pics]

Dec 3 2012

Nova Cidade de Kilamba, or simply Kilamba is a large housing development 30 km (18 miles) from Luanda, the capital city of Angola. It is being built by the CITIC Group and is currently largely empty.

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Why Poorly Designed Roads Suck [Video]

Nov 28 2012

This video shows just how confusing it can be to navigate the many poorly designed roadways all over the world.

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Unfilled christmas bulb

The Moment of Impact [20 Pics]

Nov 20 2012

Some impressive photography right here. Take a look at how Alan Sailer is able to capture destruction of different items seconds before it happens.

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Playing the Piano While Juggling [Video]

Nov 18 2012

Now that's something you don't see every day. Pretty random/creepy.

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