A Boeing 727 Turned Into a Home [10 Pics]

Bruce Campbell's Boeing 727 Home inside of Woods

Jul 18 2012

Bruce Campbell from Oregon, USA bought a retired Boeing 727 airliner and turned it into his home and office. What an awesome way of giving the airplane a second life!

The airplane cost Bruce $100,000 when he originally bought it and another $17,000 to have it moved to a workshop. To rent a workshop it cost Bruce another $20,000 where the wings and the tail were removed (the process cost $21,600). Finally the airplane was moved to the Oregon woods and that was another $25,000 in moving fees.

Boeing 727 in the woods as a home

The airplane sits on a forested private property, with wilderness all around. [John Brecher | msnbc.com]

Boeing 727 wings used as a garage

Bruce likes to give everything multiple uses. The wings he uses as a cover for his car, and plans to expand by creating a deck on one (or both) of them. [Photo by John Brecher | msnbc.com]

Office and home for Bruce Campbell

At 1,066 sq/ft (almost 100 sq/m) this home is cozy but by no means small. [Photo by John Brecher | msnbc.com]

Working toilet inside of the Boeing 727

The bathroom has been brought back to its working state, however Bruce still uses a temporary shower until a solution presents itself. The original water tank is used for things like his clothes washer. [Photo by John Brecher | msnbc.com]

See through floors boeing 727

When the airplane was purchased the floors were ripped out and replaced with see-through flooring. This was done so one could admire the complex (and beautiful) internals of the airplane. [Photo by John Brecher | msnbc.com]

The cockpit has a tv now

Bruce says the cockpit is an amazing study and reading room which he spends a lot of time in. The cockpit has a screen installed inside of it as well. [Photo by John Brecher | msnbc.com]

Night time view of the Boeing home

[Photo by John Brecher | msnbc.com]

Front gear of the airplane home

[Photo by John Brecher | msnbc.com]

The rear view of the airplane

The entrance to the house. [Photo by John Brecher | msnbc.com]

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