Naica Mexico Cave

Enormous Crystal Cave - Naica, Mexico

Apr 25 2011

The Naica Mine of the Mexican state of Chihuahua is a working mine that is best known for its extraordinary selenite crystals. The mine is owned and operated by Industrias Peñoles, a producer of lead, zinc and silver. These caverns were discovered during mining operations and contain crystals of selenite (gypsum) as large as 4 feet (1.2 m) in diameter and 50 feet (15 m) long.

The Cave of Crystals (Cueva de los Cristales) is a cave approximately 1,000 feet (300 m) below the surface in the limestone host rock of the mine. The chamber contains giant selenite crystals, some of the largest natural crystals ever found. The selenite crystals were formed by hydrothermal fluids emanating from the magma chambers below. The cavern was discovered while the miners were drilling through the Naica fault, which they were worried would flood the mine.

Beautiful cave in Naica with Crystals

Scale comparison to a human of the crystals

Huge cyrstals people walking on them

Enormous caves with crystals in Mexico

This is what the crystals look like when they are first forming inside of this cave.

Seletine Crystals beginning to form

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