Scrap metal SL300

Memorable Supercars Built Out of Scrap Metal

Nov 16 2011

A creative art company based out of Germany has been creating iconic and memorable supercars out of scrap metal.

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Mercedes Expedition

17,000 KM Mercedes Off-Road Trip in Photos: Germany - Moscow - Mount Everest - India

Nov 6 2011

Join I Like To Waste My Time and Mercedes-Benz Off-Road on this epic 16.800 kilometer trip from Germany via Moscow and all the way up to the Mount Everest Base Camp, followed by India as a final stop. Expect to see some amazing photos throughout this regularly updated trip.

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BMW: Laser Headlights to Replace HID Lights

Oct 21 2011

Straight from BMW's Group Research & Innovation center - the brand new laser light system.

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Mercedes 800

The Most Powerful Off-Roader in the World: Brabus 800

Oct 12 2011

Brabus is one of the world's best known tuner names that specializes in modifying Mercedes Benz vehicles. This time they have brought you the legendary G wagon, a true German off-road icon. Powered by a V12 Bi-turbo engine that produces 800hp/588 kW and has a peak torque of 1,420 Nm (1,047 lb-ft)!

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“Look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better.”

Oct 1 2011

A quote by Albert Einstein, a German-born theoretical physicist who developed the theory of general relativity, effecting a revolution in physics.

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Adolf Hitler Painting

A Different Side of Adolf Hitler You Didn't Know About

Sep 14 2011

Before he waged war on the world, Adolf Hitler was an upcoming (and unsuccessful) artist. He was rejected twice by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (1907-1908), because of his "unfitness for painting". These are just some of his paintings he did before becoming the supreme ruler of the Reich.

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Ducati Diavel AMG

A Beast That is AMG & Ducati

Sep 12 2011

A high end motorcycle company named Ducati, decided to team up with the tuning department of Mercedes Benz (AMG) to create this work of art. This is the Ducati Diavel AMG Special Edition, which will be showcasing this year at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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Condom France Funny

18 Most Epic City Names in the World

Aug 20 2011

Who ever made these city names deserves a medal or something, these are epic. Check out some of these funny city names from all around the world.

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Aquadom Largest Free Standing Aquarium

Largest Free Standing Aquarium

Jul 24 2011

This amazing fish tank is located in Berlin, Germany inside of a hotel/office building complex. It is 25 meters tall and is built out of acrylic glass. It has a see-through elevator inside of the cylinder and cost about 12.8 million euros.

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Drifting on Top of a Skyscraper – BMW

Jul 7 2011

BMW is one of the world's leading innovators of automotive technology and design, so their marketing campaigns never cease to amaze! Check out these two commercials for their new 1M Coupe.

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BMW Secret Garage

A Secret Well Kept – BMW Garage

May 18 2011

Over the years BMW has been known for making some radically designed vehicles – many of which never leave the headquarters in Bavaria. BMW has unveiled the secrecy of the underground garage – take a look a this large collection of photos to see the cars that BMW keeps down there.

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Beautiful Places on Our Planet (Part 1)

Apr 14 2011

Explore with us some of the most beautiful places to see on our planet. This will be a series of posts so check back soon to view more amazing photos.

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