Lucky Driver in Taiwan Cheats Death [Video]

Sep 13 2013

The driver in the white car is definitely one lucky person... take a look at how a massive boulder just misses the car by a few inches.

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Airplane Parachute System [Video]

Oct 3 2012

Check out how this airplane's wing snaps in mid-air while the pilot is performing maneuvers. Luckily, his airplane was equipped with a parachute...

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Car Crash Compilation: Russia [Video]

Oct 2 2012

After watching videos like these all I have to say is: pay more attention to the road and slow down! Some of these are so avoidable. Note: video contains some swearing (in Russian), in case you decide to watch this full blast at work. :)

P.S. Watch in HD

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Cop With Experience Predicts Accident [Video]

Sep 28 2012

Check out how this cop literally saves this woman's life seconds before the impact. Wise choice. We wonder if she still got the speeding ticket after this...

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Automotive Accidents from long ago

Automotive Accidents of the Past [20 Pics]

Sep 25 2012

To be honest, we never really even thought that some of these cars could go fast enough to do this much damage. Well, we learn something new everyday, because some of these wrecks are just brutal!

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An Amazing Rally Accident Save [Videos]

Aug 23 2012

Our hats off to this driver that prevented a massive accident. Checkout the other two angles of the same accident inside.

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Intense Hill Climb Crash [Video]

Aug 15 2012

Wow! What an insane crash at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Makes your really appreciate what a well built roll cage can do during extreme circumstances. Neither Foley nor his co-driver, Yuri, broke any bones in the accident. Foley exited the Evo 8 under his own power and Yuri injured his shoulder in what may be a dislocation.

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Formula 2: Amazing Save at 240 km/h [Video]

Jul 13 2012

Amazing reaction time. See how this driver dodges several cars (in the rain) without crashing.

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cliff jumping group

The Best Animated GIF Images Pt.2 [22 Pics]

Apr 17 2012

The continuation to our first post about the coolest animated GIF images. There are lots of sports themed ones in this one. Enjoy our findings and share!

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How to Wreck Two Corvettes at the Same Time

Nov 29 2011

Checkout this drag race gone wrong - luckily none of the people sharing the street and the sidewalk were hurt! Not much happens in the beginning of the video, you can skip to 0:40 into it. NOTE: There is some swearing in the video.

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When a Huge Tanker Fails To Dock

May 30 2011

Recently in a port in Odessa, Ukraine a large tanker failed to dock safely. Look at the destruction it left when it hit the concrete dock.

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How to Cheat Death (Terrible Truck Accident)

Mar 16 2011

Some people are literally born with so much luck. This truck driver even this time cheated death and stay alive only hanging on single truck tire. Lucky much?

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