Ferrari Hydroplane

Record Setting Ferrari Hydroplane 'Arno XI' Goes on Auction

Feb 21 2012

A beautiful gem of the 1950's! To top it off, it set the world record on water in 1953. Experts are estimating that the final winning bids are to be between $1.32 - $2 million dollars.

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White Edition Lamborghini

Gallardo White Edition

Feb 2 2012

Tuned by the ultra high end automotive tuner Anderson Germany, this Lamborghini Gallardo "White Edition" is sure to turn some heads. If you want to see more cars, let us know in comments.

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Daily Wallpaper Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy

Jan 20 2012

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Wakeboarding Through Venice

Oct 27 2011

Awesome! Nothing like wake-boarding through a narrow street in Venice, Italy.

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Positano Italy

Breathtaking Medieval Town of Positano in Campania, Italy

Sep 20 2011

During medieval times (16th and 17th century) this trading port prospered as it was the main port of the Amalfi Republic and saw great profits from goods being shipped.

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Sydney City

Most Beautiful Cities in the World (Part 1)

Sep 17 2011

In this series I will be highlighting some of the most beautiful cities in the world. This can serve as an inspiration for our reads to go out and explore this beautiful planet.

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Castle of loreto

George Clooney's Private Island

Aug 1 2011

A truly private location – hardly any pictures or information about this island online. The ancient castle on it is integrated into the rock structure. Take a look at these photos of this beautiful getaway.

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