Taylor and Danielle at the Beach

A Touching Love Story in Photos [18 Pics]

Sep 17 2012

One of the best true-life love stories we have ever read about. Taylor Morris and Danielle Kelly have an amazing bond that inspires us to truly live life to the fullest.

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Rare color photographs from the Depression Era

Mar 20 2012

During an era where most photographs were taken in black & white, these photos show a colourful glimpse of what life was like during the Great Depression and World War II, primarily throughout America.

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Devil's Garden - Arches National Park in Utah, USA

Oct 18 2011

Landscape Arch is the longest of the many natural rock arches located in this park (and also in the world). This is a spectacular park to check out if you are ever in Utah, one of a kind. Photo by JR Goodwin.

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Real-Life TRON Light Cycle

Oct 4 2011

If you've seen the recent TRON: Legacy flick you will definitely appreciate this light cycle. It's built in USA and is powered by an electric motor. Lights up just like the real light cycle in the movie and looks absolutely stunning!

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Soviet Union by an American

Through a Lens of an American: Russia & Ukraine

Oct 3 2011

This amazing collection of photos is taken by an aspiring photographer from America, Andrew L. Moore. Simply amazing seeing work like this; really puts you in the moment to give you a feel of what story lies behind each photo.

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