Soviet Union by an American

Through a Lens of an American: Russia & Ukraine

Oct 3 2011

This amazing collection of photos is taken by an aspiring photographer from America, Andrew L. Moore. Simply amazing seeing work like this; really puts you in the moment to give you a feel of what story lies behind each photo.

Military Station – Solovki

Motherland – Kiev, Ukraine

Soviet Union by an American

Avtovo Metro (subway) station, St. Petersburg

Volodya’s apartment, Simferpol

Abandoned church, Vologda

A guard’s room – Siberia

Krasnye Vorota station, Moscow

Port of Okha, Sakhalin Island

Day of the Trinity, Tereben near Pskov

Swimming Pool inside Sanatorium – Yalta, Ukraine

Private Estate Balcony View – Yalta, Ukraine

Opera House, Irkutsk

Mishka and Vladimir Lenin, Lake Baikal

Four trees, Ferapontovo Monastery

Icebreaker, Kanonersky Repair Yard

Ice Fishing – Vologda

Palace Square, St. Petersburg

Wooden Skyscraper – Archangelsk

Armory, St. Petersburg

Tactical Nuclear Submarine – Far East

Repair Shop – St. Petersburg

Paratrooper training grounds, Pskov

Red Piano, Camp Artek

Space museum, Camp Artek, Yalta

Discotheque, Krasnoyarsk

Ukrainian Pavilion, VDNKh

Shoes, “Lenfilm” Studios

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