Meghalayas' Living Bridges

Nov 4 2011

Talk about sustainable, green architecture! In Meghalaya (north-eastern state of India) people construct "living bridges" by the living roots of Fig Trees. It is a truly remarkable to see people living in such harmony with nature. More of this should happen all over the world!

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Best Way to Lose Your Weight FAST!

Nov 2 2011

Either that or just waste some more time on this website.

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The Best Zombie Getaway Vehicle. EVER.

Nov 1 2011

I would definitely not mind being stuck in one of these when the "2012" comes around. "The Walking Dead" take note of this awesome vehicle and make sure you feature it in the show! Any other similar vehicles you know of? Comment and let us know!

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Man With Most Tattoos in the World - the Tattooed Zombie!

Oct 29 2011

A very interesting makeup commercial with a very unexpected twist! Visit to learn more.

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Is This What the Future Will Really Look Like?

Oct 29 2011

Microsoft's take on our future. Thoughts?

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How to Build a 15-Storey Building in 6 Days

Oct 25 2011

There is no way to describe this – a must watch! A huge group of construction workers erects an entire building in 6 days.

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Why Iraqis Don't Like Americans

Oct 19 2011

Given all of the things people say, this has got to be one of the reasons why Iraqis are not too fond of the American presence in Iraq...

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Terrifying Speed Climb With No Safety Equipment

Oct 17 2011

With absolutely no safety equipment of any kind, Dan Osman literally runs up this 90 degree cliff (and in some parts more than 90 degrees). Simply mind-blowing!

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Miniature Vancouver

Oct 14 2011

A very interesting project from Tony Leech. Tony used special tilt-shift lenses to achieve this "miniature/diorama" effect. View a few more videos from Tony at the bottom of the post.

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Real-Life TRON Light Cycle

Oct 4 2011

If you've seen the recent TRON: Legacy flick you will definitely appreciate this light cycle. It's built in USA and is powered by an electric motor. Lights up just like the real light cycle in the movie and looks absolutely stunning!

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Risky Business: Point of View Video of Summit Ridge Walk

Sep 28 2011

Summit Ridge walk is a very exposed part of Mount Lady Macdonald, and the super high drop-offs on both sides are the least of the climbers worries. Extreme gusts are reported to have caused fatalities on this ridge. Take a look at Nick Croken and several of his friends cross this ridge on video.

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The Most Amazing Time Lapse of Planet Earth

Sep 23 2011

No description needed for this one. Time lapse footage taken from the International Space Station. Nothing like seeing our home from space.

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Modified Ford Minivan Drifting

Aug 16 2011

For all you drifter nuts, this is how you do it. You go out and buy a minivan, put a huge V8 into it, upgrade the suspension and go around the track sideways!

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Japanase Tsunami From Inside of a Car

Aug 12 2011

Just imagine yourself driving somewhere, and all of a sudden a tsunami hits. A very intense situation begins when the ground gets rocked by an earthquake and then the waves flood the roads.

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Car Jump Miscalculation that Nearly Results in Death

Aug 8 2011

Not sure where this dare devil is from, but his math skills can't be that great. Check out how this stunt ends badly.

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