Unreal Stop-Motion Video by PES

Jul 10 2012

This is so creative that it blows my mind. It was created way back in 2009 and won the #2 Viral Video of the Year Award at the Sundance Film Festival.

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Ken Block's Gymkhana 5: San Francisco

Jul 9 2012

DC Shoes owner Ken Block does it again. This is the craziest driving video by far!

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133 People Jump off a Bridge in Tver, Russia [Video]

Jul 4 2012

This looks like so much fun. No words necessary – watch the video!

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How to Change Your Tire While Driving [Video]

Jun 30 2012

Why are we not surprised this was filmed in Saudi Arabia? This is just ridiculous!

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World's Stupidest Competition

Jun 11 2012

Its called Gloucester Cheese Rolling and apparently this madness happens every year too – these people are crazy! Video by Maximilien Czech.

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Hoop Isolation Video – Mind-blowing!

Jun 9 2012

No words necessary! Watch this spectacular performance that is sure to blow your mind too.

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Intense Video of an Iceberg Flipping Over

Jun 5 2012

Apparently this stuff happens all the time, it's really cool too see though. Fear mother nature!!

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Amazing Scotland [2 Videos]

May 30 2012

Two breath-taking short videos by Maximilien Czech of the unforgettable Scottish landscape and culture using a Glidecam.

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First Skydiver to Land Without a Parachute [Video]

May 25 2012

A British stuntman Gary Connery jumped out of a helicopter at the altitude of 2,400 feet (732 meters) to land in a huge landing strip made out of cardboard boxes. He is the first man to accomplish a skydive jump without a chute. Apparently the landing was “really soft on my face” hahaha!

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A Love Story in 873 Stock Photos

May 24 2012

An awesome compilation of stock photography images to make this short clip for an advertisement of Getty Images! The film took six months to complete. Did you notice the power rangers (#392) or the random native people (#411)?

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Amazing Style of Dub FX

May 23 2012

If you haven't heard of Dub FX, you have to. A perfect mix of his skills and his style make him an absolute pleasure to see at parties across the world.

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Walking On the Edge – One Of the Tallest Towers In the World

May 18 2012

Check out a video tour from from the edge of one of the tallest structures in the world, the Canadian National Tower.

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Insane Nintendo Themed Domino Effects

May 17 2012

30,000 dominoes were used to make all of this wizardry possible. Must have taken a long time!

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A Cool Amphibious Car Project – The Sea Lion

May 16 2012

The Sea Lion is designed to be the fastest car on land and still have the capability of being able to go into water. It was engineered using CAD software for the initial design. Its structure is made by tig welding pre-cut 5052 Aluminum shapes, while at the heart of its power-plant is a Mazda 13b rotary motor. What a great piece of engineering!

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A Must Watch: an Amazing Real-Life Radio Control Transformer

May 12 2012

I'm not sure how we didn't see this before, alas feast your eyes on THE coolest real-life transformer recreation! Kenji Ishida, JS Robotics, we're looking forward to seeing version #9!

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