Intense Cliff-Side Mountain Biking in Austria [Video]

Oct 24 2012

Some awesome mountain biking skills on what could possibly be the craziest bike trail we have ever seen. A great track to accompany it too! Enjoy.

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Unlock the 007 in You [Video]

Oct 23 2012

We can't wait for the new Bond movie to come out, and neither can these people that are given a James Bond challenge in order to win the tickets to the premiere.

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Porsche & the Urban Outlaw

Oct 21 2012

Seriously awesome documentary about Porsche. If you're going to waste 32 minutes of your life today, spend it watching this.

URBAN OUTLAW is a portrait of Magnus Walker, the rebel Porsche customizer who turned a hobby into an obsession, and an obsession into a successful business.

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A "Perfect" Storm in Yalta, Ukraine

Oct 21 2012

Yalta, Ukraine isn't just a beautiful place that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime, but it also has absolutely stunning-looking storms. With spring is knocking on the door and summer just around the corner, this is winter's last "good bye". Looks absolutely surreal! Be sure to watch in HD.

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Astonishing 500km Asteroid Impact Simulation [Video]

Oct 18 2012

  • Destination: Pacific Ocean
  • The impact peels off 10km of Earth's crust
  • The shock-wave travels at hypersonic speeds (6,150-12,300km/h)
  • Debris are blasted off into space, only to return and destroy the surface of the Earth
  • Fires would engulf the entire surface of the planet, vaporizing all the life in their way
  • Within 1 day, the surface of the Earth is inhabitable
  • The evidence shows that this has happened at least 6 times in Earth's history

Make sure to watch this video in full HD.

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Pro Card Tricks + Awesome Track [Video]

Oct 17 2012

Highly suggest watching this sorcery in full HD with the speakers turned up! Enjoy.

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A Waterphone: The Instrument Behind All Horror Movies

Oct 16 2012

Ever wondered how sound producers make all those creepy sounds in movies? Take a look at this amazing instrument and what it can do. It is played by Dr. Todd Barton and is made by Richard Waters.

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The Anatomy of Stuxnet Virus [Video]

Oct 15 2012

Stuxnet is a highly sophisticated computer worm. It is believed that it was put together by a large team of coders and backed by a large entity (allegedly USA and Israel). Kaspersky Labs have estimated the virus could have taken up to 6 months to make due to its complexity. This worm can shut down oil rigs and nuclear power plants without anyone knowing about it. What's even more frightening is that it's open source (aka available for free download).

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The Ultimate Drag Race [Video]

Oct 14 2012

Top Gear guys did this test a while back, where they put a Bugatti Veyron against the best supercar of the 90's, the McLaren F1. Very impressive to see what a 15-year-old supercar can still do!

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Freeriding on a Roadbike? We Didn't Think it Was Possible Either!

Oct 12 2012

Backflips on a £10,000 carbon race road bike? No problem! This is seriously the craziest riding we've ever seen done on a road bike. A must watch!

Update: Here's a behind-the-scenes video.

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Timelapse of Vancouver's Beauty [Video]

Oct 11 2012

To those who have never traveled to Vancouver, BC, Canada, we highly suggest that you check it out. The vibe of the ocean and the mountains, mixed with beautiful architecture tops our list of favorite cities around the world. Be sure to watch in HD!

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102 Years Old and Still Enjoys Driving [Video]

Oct 11 2012

Margaret Dunning has been driving longer than anyone on this planet. She started driving when she was 8 and got her license when she turned 12. She also drives the same 82-year old Packard 740.

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Pushing It To The Limit in a Wingsuit [Video]

Oct 9 2012

Pretty intense how close Jokke Sommer (the pilot of the wingsuit) gets to some of the obstacles in his way. This is probably the biggest rush of adrenaline ever.

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What an Underwater Mine Explosion Looks Like [Video]

Oct 8 2012

The French Navy detonating a WW2 German sea-mine. The explosion looks surreal, especially when the black smoke engulfs the water explosion.

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Intense Yo-Yo Skills [Video]

Oct 7 2012

Zach Gormley has skills, I didn't think some of this stuff was possible with a Yo-Yo (mine used to just get tangled if I tried to do something cool).

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