Uber-Cool Trials Bike Riding [Video]

Oct 4 2012

Some of this stuff doesn't seem like it should even be possible, and yet Andrew Dickey manages to do it all! Mind-blowing amount of skill (coming from a couple of freeriders =)).

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Mind Reader Reveals His Secret [Video]

Oct 3 2012

Check out how this mind reader gets everyone's life right, and then reveals the big secret.

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Airplane Parachute System [Video]

Oct 3 2012

Check out how this airplane's wing snaps in mid-air while the pilot is performing maneuvers. Luckily, his airplane was equipped with a parachute...

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Car Crash Compilation: Russia [Video]

Oct 2 2012

After watching videos like these all I have to say is: pay more attention to the road and slow down! Some of these are so avoidable. Note: video contains some swearing (in Russian), in case you decide to watch this full blast at work. :)

P.S. Watch in HD

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Best Marriage Proposal Ever [Video]

Oct 1 2012

So funny and awesome at the same time. Check out how well orchestrated this was!

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Cop With Experience Predicts Accident [Video]

Sep 28 2012

Check out how this cop literally saves this woman's life seconds before the impact. Wise choice. We wonder if she still got the speeding ticket after this...

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Underwater Base Jumping [Video]

Sep 27 2012

Now that's something you don't see everyday. Someone going underwater to base jump into the abyss. Looks extremely exhilarating though. The diver's name is Guillaume Nery.

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A Machine that Seems to Work Forever [Video]

Sep 26 2012

Designed by a Norwegian Inventor by the name of Reidar Finsrud, this machine can run without any external energy sources for 14 days. Although it does not run forever, this is a step in the right direction for renewable power sources. Read up more about this fascinating machine here.

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Charity Donation Prank: SO Funny! [Video]

Sep 25 2012

Check out the husband's faces every time the prank is played. It is priceless!!

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Dog Meets Trampoline [Video]

Sep 22 2012

Looks like this dog had a blast! Dogs are awesome.

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The Ultra Awesome Tesla Model S Interior [Video]

Sep 21 2012

The future is now. Check out how revolutionized cars are becoming!

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Awesome Volcano Eruption Footage [Video]

Sep 20 2012

An amazing video of a man standing just outside the volcano eruption in a high temperature protection suit. Nature is unforgiving!

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The Best Feel Good Compilation of 2012 [Video]

Sep 19 2012

This will seriously make you want to go outside and enjoy your life.

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Sport Doesn't Care Who You Are! [Video]

Sep 18 2012

For those who have never watched Paralympics, they are just as intense as the regular Olympics. Check out this trailer that Samsung put together for the 2012 Paralympics (just another reason to like Samsung even more).

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The Best Video Compilation of 2012

Sep 17 2012

Excellent collection of clips from 2012, we are sure you will think so too.

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