Skiing Video: Nipwitz – Sarajevo

May 9 2012

Nipwitz - Sarajevo from Flatlight Films on Vimeo.

Amazing technical urban skiing at Sarajevo, Bosnia – a must watch!

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Showing Off Gone Bad: a Terrible AH-64 Apache Crash

May 7 2012

Sharana, Afghanistan – a bad miscalculation on pilot's part after which he will never be able to fly an army aircraft again. Surprisingly no criminal charges were laid, considering that one of these costs around $20,000,000. According to sources, the co-pilot is still in recovery and is awaiting judgement. Fortunately no one on the ground was injured.

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Raised From the Dead - Tupac Lives Again!

Apr 16 2012

To cap off the first weekend of Coachella, Tupac Shakur joined Snoop Dogg for a performance of “Hail Mary” and "2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted". Fifteen years after his death in 1996, Tupac was resurrected from the dead through the use of a hologram.

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The Coolest Watercraft Ever: The Seabreacher

Apr 12 2012

It can go above or below water, is a two seater and has a 260 horsepower supercharged engine. How can you have any more fun in the water than this? Reaching speeds of 85km/h (50mph) above water and 40km/h (25mph) below water. I would love to have one!

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Video: Tree Branch Falls on Power Lines

Apr 11 2012

Haven't posted a video in a while! Check out what massive amounts of voltage do to this branch that lands on them. We <3 science!

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Car Jumps over Another In a Race

Mar 19 2012

If you can't go around them, go over them! We finally know where 2 Fast 2 Furious got the idea from at least.

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A Man Who Shoots His Pistol With His Feet

Mar 9 2012

Meet Michael.. he is a man who was born with no arms, but it didn't stop him from following his dreams and hobbies. He can shoot, reload and do just about everything an ordinary man can do with two arms - except only using his feet. Simply amazing, our hats of to you!!

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Years - Tree Ring Record Player

Mar 6 2012

This record player, created by Bartholomäus Traubeck, plays slices of wood by translating the tree's ring data into piano music.

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Coolest Drifting Ever: Trikes

Mar 2 2012

Wow this is insane!! Good job to the guys who thought this up, looks genuinely fun! Make sure to like their video on YouTube.

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Rest - A Zombie Short Film

Feb 28 2012

An unearthed WW1 solider wanders throughout the European countryside in this unusual short, revealing a humane side to the zombie race.

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Intense Crash into a Mountain While Using a Flight Suit

Feb 23 2012

An extremely intense crash of a base jumper / flight suit flier Jeb Corliss. We wish you a speedy recovery!! Note: not for the faint of heart.

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Robots are Taking Over the World

Feb 7 2012

The next step is the government equipping these with weapons, Skynet is coming ladies and gentlemen. Developed as a project at the University of Pennsylvania. Simply amazing!

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Time Lapse of Building an Airplane

Feb 3 2012

This is a really cool example of how an entire factory operates as one to produce an airplane at the Boeing factory. Immense amount of work goes into creating an airplane!

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The Best Revenge Ever!

Jan 22 2012

Drunken roommate puts an axe through the roof of his buddy's car. The friend builds the biggest axe in the world and chops the other guy's car in half!

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Awesome People are Awesome

Jan 14 2012

Amazing compilation of the best videos from all over the web put together in a neat little package.

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