Wrong Job Advertisement

Brilliant Examples of Clever Advertisement [28 Pics]

Jul 4 2012

Lets face it, advertisements are usually pretty boring. It's refreshing to see an advertisement that actually gets your attention and makes you want to find out more about the product.

Take a look at this round-up of our favourite ads.

Hoover Advertisement

Nike Advertisement

Tape Advertisement

Movie Festival Advertisement

Wrong Job Advertisement

Fleas Advertisement

Eco Friendly Paint Ad

Quitting Smoking Advertisement

Cookie Advertisement

Cold Chocolate bar

Sopranos Advertisement

Bottle Cap Advertisement

Police Advertisement

Aiding People in Poverty Countries Ad

Gym Membership Ad

Duracell Bus Advertisement

Kit Kat Ad

Military Invasion Advertisement

Bread Advertisement

Sciencetology Advertisement

Mr Clean Magic Eraser Ad

Hair Removal Advertisement

Post it Notes Advertisement

Skirt Advertisement Funny

Telescope Advertisement

Beer can Advertisement

Nivea Advertisement

Cutting Board Knives Advertisement

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