Mathias Rust landing on Red Square

22 Rare Historical Photos

Jul 6 2012

Take a look at this collection of rare photos that is sure to blow you away!

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Soviet Censorship of Images Conspiracy Uncovered

Soviet Censorship of Images During Stalin's Regime [5 Pics]

Jun 22 2012

It's awesome being able to see how leaders in the past have used propaganda and censorship – this makes you really wonder what happens in the government today. This is a 5 image comparison of some popular censored images that were altered during Stalin's rule of the USSR.

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1983 Apple Gift Catalog Page 6

Apple – It Was Cool Back Then Too: The 1983 Catalog [11 Pics]

May 20 2012

A sweet blast from the past, enjoy these high quality scans!

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London During WW2

London in Colour During WW2 [14 Pics]

May 16 2012

Looking at historical photos is amazing, and it is even better when they are in colour. Take a look at this set from LIFE magazine archives showing the life in London during World War 2.

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Prokudin Gorsky Imperial Russia Colour

Early 20th Century Russian Empire in Colour by Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky [23 Pics]

May 10 2012

Around 1905 Sergey envisioned an immense plan to document the vast land of the Russian Empire. He wanted to apply recently emerging technological advances in colour photography to document the vast and diverse history, culture and modernization of the Empire.

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Unreal WW2 Reenactment Festival in Europe

Apr 2 2012

It's almost hard to believe that these photos are not actual photographs from war time. This took place on February 26th, 2012 in Kiev, Ukraine. It is a festival to celebrate those who fought bravely for the motherland. Very amazing to see such organization, to arrange an event of this size! All photos by 1200dpi@livejournal.com.

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black and white

Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge in 1933 [Photos]

Mar 2 2012

One of the most internationally recognized symbols of San Francisco, California, and of the United States - this bridge took long 4 years to build but was instantly recognized for its iconic look. This bridge is also considered to be one of the Wonders of the World.

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Nazi Germany before WW2

30 Restored Photos of Nazi Germany from LIFE Archives

Jan 11 2012

Straight from the archives at LIFE Magazine, these are very rare and mostly colour photos of Nazi Germany at its height prior to WW2. The number of people in these photographs supporting the Fascist regime is simply jaw dropping!

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London Tower Bridge Construction

120-Year Old Photos of the Famous London Tower Bridge are Found by Accident

Dec 2 2011

"These photographs of Tower Bridge being constructed have been unveiled after a stash of hundred-year-old photos were found in a skip. The 50 sepia pictures, the most recent of which date back to 1892, reveal in incredible detail the ingenuity behind one of the capital's most popular tourist destinations."

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