What an Underwater Mine Explosion Looks Like [Video]

Oct 8 2012

The French Navy detonating a WW2 German sea-mine. The explosion looks surreal, especially when the black smoke engulfs the water explosion.

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Insane French Firefighter Olympics [Video]

Sep 7 2012

These guys do everything from climbing a three story building in seconds to leaping off roofs while carrying gym weights. A must see even if you aren't a sports fan.

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Villemard Predictions of the Future

Predictions of the Future from 1910 [23 Pics]

May 26 2012

These post cards were a vision of a French artist, Villard. He envisioned our planet as a perfect utopia for all. Although many of these are very inconsistent with current technology, the underlying idea of “how things would be” is definitely there!

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Daily Wallpaper France – the Eiffel Tower

May 13 2012

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A Different Angle: Eiffel Tower

Apr 9 2012

A very cool angle of the Eiffel tower – and in general a great photograph. Taken by Matthew Brodie for Glass Magazine.

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Hot-Air Balloon Gathering

Mar 15 2012

Taken in Chambley, France - this is the largest gathering of hot-air balloons ever recorded - there were 182 at this gathering. Photo and info by Gaston Batistini.

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Paris Night-time

The Rooftops of the City of Love

Dec 12 2011

A stunning view of Paris at night, possibly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Photo by Ramelli Serge.

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Lighthouse Famous Photo

A Man Caught Outside of a Lighthouse During a Huge Storm

Nov 29 2011

Perhaps one of the most famous photos of this particular French lighthouse, located in the Celtic Sea, North Atlantic Ocean. First constructed in 1904, it became known to the world thanks to the photographs captured during the 1989 storm by a French photographer, Jean Guichard.

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Human being photo

First Photographed Human, Ever

Nov 22 2011

“Boulevard du Temple”, taken by Daguerre in 1838 in Paris, was the first photograph of a person. The image shows a street, but because of the over ten minute exposure time the moving traffic does not appear. The exceptions are the man and shoe-shine boy at the bottom left, and two people sitting at a table nearby who stood still long enough to have their images captured. Simply amazing!

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A Gothic Splendor

Nov 7 2011

Beautiful picture of Notre Dame de Paris by Frank Baillet, France at night. The city of the living lights!

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Best Way to Lose Your Weight FAST!

Nov 2 2011

Either that or just waste some more time on this website.

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M3 GT2 Art Car

BMW's Awesome M3 GT2 Art Car by Jeff Koon

Nov 1 2011

Since 1975 Artists from all around the globe have been designing and applying art to cars that BMW manufactures, this is BMW's way of fusing two art forms together as they say. It's a very unique way of expressing art, as the canvas is a body of a car (usually a high spec race car). This is the BMW M3 GT2 done by Jeff Koon.

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The Lion of Lucerne, Switzerland

Sep 19 2011

This stunning monument is built to commemorate the Swiss Guard soldiers that were massacred in 1792 during the French Revolution, when revolutionaries stormed the Tuileries Palace in Paris, France. It is described as one of the most moving sculptures in the world by many people.

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Sydney City

Most Beautiful Cities in the World (Part 1)

Sep 17 2011

In this series I will be highlighting some of the most beautiful cities in the world. This can serve as an inspiration for our reads to go out and explore this beautiful planet.

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Condom France Funny

18 Most Epic City Names in the World

Aug 20 2011

Who ever made these city names deserves a medal or something, these are epic. Check out some of these funny city names from all around the world.

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