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Most rare coins

Mar 27 2023

Explore some of the most expensive coins ever created in the world that were produced without permission and managed to get out of the vaults from the most secure places in the world!

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Most Expensive Rifle In the World

Aug 23 2011

Manufactured in VO Vapen of Sweden, this extremely highly detailed rifle is now the worlds most expensive. With only 5 units ever to be made (this being the first), and has a price tag of $820,000 USD which makes it the world's most expensive hunting rifle.

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Most Expensive Phones in the World

Jul 31 2011

Checkout the current most expensive phones on the market. From luxury brands like Goldvish and Ulysse Nardin's these phones are sure to lighten even the rich business man's pocket.

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Russias Rich Homes

Ex-Soviet Elite Homes, Now Moscows Wealthiest Area

Jun 12 2011

During the reign off the Soviet Union many powerful government officials, celebrities, engineers and inventors lived in this region. After the collapse of the Soviet Union many mansions, properties and even large chunks of land remained - unclaimed. Now this is the area for the famous and rich.

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Maltese Falcon Yacht

Most Expensive Sailing Yacht In The World

May 31 2011

The Maltese Falcon is a super yacht made for the rich. It is one of a kind yacht, it is second to none in its technologies and appearance. If you have $100+ million burning a hole in your pocket, this may be something you will enjoy.

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Luxury Jet Interior

High Class Private Jet Interior

May 24 2011

Photographer Nick Gerace has been doing aviation photography for the last 30 years, and now brings to us (owner is kept anonymous) this beautiful private jet interior. Look at the luxurious photos of this private jets' interior.

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Antilia Mumbai

World's First One Billion Dollar Home

Apr 21 2011

Antilia in Mumbai is the house of the Indian businessman Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries. He is world’s fifth and India’s first richest man. This house is built in the 4000sq m site on Altamount Road in South Mumbai, India.

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