Daily Wallpaper Deep Space Exploration Awaits

Mar 13 2012

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GAU8 Cannon

General Electric GAU–8

Mar 6 2012

The General Electric GAU–8/A Avenger is a 30mm hydraulically–driven seven-barrel Gatling–type rotary cannon that is mounted on the USA's Fairchild Republic A–10 Thunderbolt II. It is among the largest, heaviest and most powerful aircraft cannons in the US military and the world. The A–10 Thunderbolt was basically designed around this cannon.

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Museum of Machines

Breathtaking Museum of Machines (Vadima Zadorozhnogo)

Feb 28 2012

It is amazing to see so many beautiful examples of the machines that shaped our past and brought us to our present.

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The Boneyard Project

Feb 23 2012

In Tucson, Arizona, contemporary artists re-purposed abandoned WII aircraft, turning them into fresh and creative canvases.

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Ferrari Hydroplane

Record Setting Ferrari Hydroplane 'Arno XI' Goes on Auction

Feb 21 2012

A beautiful gem of the 1950's! To top it off, it set the world record on water in 1953. Experts are estimating that the final winning bids are to be between $1.32 - $2 million dollars.

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Time Lapse of Building an Airplane

Feb 3 2012

This is a really cool example of how an entire factory operates as one to produce an airplane at the Boeing factory. Immense amount of work goes into creating an airplane!

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Shortest airport in the world

Shortest Commercial Runway in the World

Feb 3 2012

Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport is the only airport on the Caribbean island of Saba - it is widely regarded as having the shortest commercially serviceable runway in the world (approx. 1,300ft or 396m). Jet aircraft are unable to land at this airport, but smaller airplanes and helicopters are a very common sight here.

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A-10 Nose

Tank Destroyer: Thunderbolt 2

Jan 25 2012

Amazing photo of the A-10 Thunderbolt 2's most recognizable feature, the 30mm GAU-8/A Avenger gatling-cannon. Photo taken by Master Sgt. Jeffrey Allen of the US Air Force during a refueling over Afghanistan.

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gunner modern warfare amazing

The Gunner

Jan 18 2012

Gotta love epic military photos. Gunner flying over hostile territory. US Airforce Photo by Staff Sergeant Stephen J. Otero. (Thanks Jessica Pierce!)

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Daily Wallpaper Sunset at the Santa Barbara Airport

Jan 14 2012

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Awesome Short Film by Breitling Featuring a P-51 Mustang

Jan 13 2012

Great short film by the famous watch-maker Breitling. Movie is called "Too Late Baby (2 Minutes)" and features a gorgeous P-51 Mustang, a WWII US fighter.

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How to Land a 35-Ton, 4-Engine Military Cargo Aircraft Inside of a Soccer Stadium

Dec 26 2011

After a failed helicopter rescue mission during a 1980 hostage crisis in Iran, US government had to come up with another way of airlifting injured people along with a handful of Delta Force. The only problem was safely landing something large enough to carry 52 people, inside of a soccer stadium and then airlifting everyone to a nearby air carrier.

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Insane Helicopter Pilot

Dec 24 2011

Old BO-105 german anti tank helicopter getting flown by a great pilot. That is all.

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Daily Wallpaper B-17 Flying Fortress Flies Over the Golden Gate Bridge

Dec 19 2011

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Space shuttle in space

Discovery Shuttle as Seen From The International Space Station

Nov 18 2011

Unreal photo taken by the Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli. The shadow you see over the USS Discovery shuttle is being cast by the International Space Station (ISS).

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