Soviet Spy Equipment

Cold War: Soviet Era KGB Spy Equipment

Jan 9 2012

Take a look at the equipment that the Soviet KGB spies had access to during the cold war. Just when you thought you would only see stuff like this in the old Bond movies. 15 photos inside.

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sniper mask in russia

Intensive Training of Russia's Elite Snipers

Dec 16 2011

Only the most elite of soldiers are drafted for the elaborate task of being snipers. Many of these men are extremely skilled at what they do. These photos are proof of the meticulous preparations before one can follow the extremely secret and intensive duties of being snipers.

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Gaz Modifications

A Cool Soviet Hot-Rod Concept Based on the GAZ M1

Nov 25 2011

A very interesting concept created based on the 1930's Soviet Gaz M1 (GAZ-11-73). This design has a feel of a hot-rod, and the elegance of a cruiser. What do you think? Comment and let us know!

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Abandoned Aircraft Cemetery

Not Your Average View From Your Apartment's Windows

Oct 19 2011

This airplane and helicopter graveyard was once the central airport of Moscow. This airport has a lot of history – on May 9, 1945 an airplane landed here with documents stating the surrender of Nazi Germany.

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A Frosty Winter Day: SU-27

Oct 13 2011

An amazing picture of a Soviet / Russian Sukhoi SU-27 'Flanker' flying over the frozen, vast lands of Russia in a training exercise.

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Buzludza Communist Bulgaria

A Strange Structure High In The Bulgarian Mountains

Sep 13 2011

In 1891, socialists led by Dimitar Blagoev assembled secretly in this area to form an organized socialist movement. In honor of this act, during the rule of Soviet Union, the following saucer-like monument was built on top of this pass.

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Joseph Stalins Favourite Country Home

Joseph Stalin's Favorite Country House

Aug 29 2011

This is one of five country houses in Abkhazia that Stalin visited approximately 5-6 times a year. Built into it were secret passageways to the sea, railway stations, and a direct communication line to his government staff (which consisted of 800 people). A very beautiful dacha!

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Spetsnaz Russian Training

Exclusive Inside Look: Spetsnaz Training

Jul 28 2011

Spetsnaz are elite special forces teams that originated from ex-USSR Countries and Russia. A lot of their training and tactics are considered top secret, have a look at this large collection of photo's taken during a routine training exercise.

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Russian Military Training

Russian Army Training Exercise

Jul 14 2011

It is very impressive to see any sort of military training operations, however this is Russia we are talking about here. Check out how they practice with their vast amount of military equipment.

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Slow Motion T-90 Tank Shot

Jun 26 2011

Filmed at approximately 18,000 frames per second (fps), this is Russian/Soviet main heavy battle tank. A low profile, powerful cannon, and a long barrel make this a ruthless weapon.

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Abandoned Nuclear Bombers

Abandoned Soviet Heavy Bomber Regiment

Jun 17 2011

Russia has many military installations, however before the break apart of the Soviet Union they had even a larger number in case of a nuclear war with the USA. This abandoned airfield should give you an idea of how much military equipment there was.

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Pripyat today

Chernobyl Disaster - 25th Anniversary

Apr 26 2011

It has been 25 years since the Chernobyl nuclear power plant had its melt down. This was the biggest nuclear meltdown in history of our planet. The town on the outskirts of the power plant, Pripyat has a very eerie feel to it and remains abandoned.

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Antonov 225 mriya

Antonov 225 'Mriya' Largest Airplane in the World

Apr 15 2011

The Antonov An-225 Mriya is a strategic airlift cargo aircraft, designed by the Antonov Design Bureau in the 1980s. It is the world's heaviest aircraft. The design, built in order to transport the Buran orbiter, was an enlargement of the successful An-124 Ruslan. The An-225's name, Mriya (Мрiя) means "Dream" (Inspiration) in Ukrainian.

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Yuriy Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin: First Human in Space (50th Anniversary)

Apr 12 2011

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first human going to space we put together this compilation of photos of Yuri Gagarin. On 12 April 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first human to travel into space, launched into orbit on the Vostok 3KA-3 spacecraft (Vostok 1).

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Soviet Typhoon Submarine

Biggest Submarine in the World

Mar 21 2011

This is submarine “Typhoon” as it was called in NATO documents or “Shark” as it was called in Russia. It is considered to be the biggest submarine in the world, with over than 170 meters (515 feet) long and 23 meter (70 feet) wide. It can carry 20 ballistic nuclear missiles and there were only six of those built.

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